School self-assessment quiz


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Thank you for taking the quiz

This will help to strengthen the career-related learning available to pupils in your school. In the resources section of this platform, you can find a selection of resources to support you in doing this.

You can download your answers in PDF form here.

There are two sets of mutually reinforcing principles which outline good provision at primary.

The Careers & Enterprise Company, in partnership with Education & Employers, published a ‘What Works’ report identifying six key lessons of practice for career-related learning at primary level. The Skills Builder Principles outline best practice in teaching eight essential skills. Used together, these models can inform an excellent overall, whole school approach to challenging stereotypes and broadening aspirations.  

The What Works principles

  1. Embed into a whole school approach driven by senior leaders
  2. Start early
  3. Embed into the curriculum
  4. Ensure activities are personalised and relevant
  5. Open to all
  6. Involve employers and parents

The Skills Builder Principles

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Start early, keep going
  3. Measure it
  4. Focus tightly
  5. Keep practising
  6. Bring it to life

This quiz will ask you to reflect on what happens at your school. It contains 21 questions and should take less than 15 minutes to complete. At the end you’ll get some examples of where things are going well and a suggested starting point for making improvements. We’d also recommend noting down any questions that prompt an idea or that can be explored further with colleagues. 

As you work through the quiz and consider what's next, it may be useful to consider these questions:

How can I use this quiz to engage colleagues and other stakeholders?

Which questions prompted my thinking and caused me to reflect most on our practice? Who could I get involved with planning following the results? Who could be involved in implementing a career-related learning strategy?

Who in my school should I share these results with?

Who would be useful to involve in planning this? Who will be involved in implementing our career-related learning strategy?

Where would we like to be in the future?

What are our long-term goals for our pupils' learning and how does career-related learning fit within this? How will we measure our progress towards these goals?