Why career-related learning is important

Research shows us that starting career-related learning early is important. Pupils start to adopt stereotypes based on gender, ethnicity and social background from an early age. Such stereotypes can go on to influence career and subject choices.

By embedding career-related learning into your curriculum, you have the opportunity to broaden your pupils’ aspirations and challenge stereotypes they may hold; this may ultimately have a positive impact on their future life choices. Career-related learning in primary schools is not about setting pupils down a specific path, but ensuring they understand that there are many options open to them. The resources, case studies and other support featured on our platform will help you to think about how to ensure that all pupils benefit from quality career-related learning.

Impact on pupils

Career-related learning helps primary pupils to learn about the world around them, broaden their aspirations and challenge stereotypes. Quality career-related learning in primary school:

  • Provides exposure to ideas that pupils may not get elsewhere
  • Supports pupils to understand how the skills and knowledge they gain in school will be relevant throughout their life
  • Addresses different sectors and skills to help you to broaden pupils’ horizons

This platform will help you ensure that all pupils benefit, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds or who have special educational needs.

I have learnt that boys and girls can be anything they want to be as long as they work hard and follow their dreams.

Year 5 pupil – Sandown Primary School, Hastings, East Sussex

This has been a fantastic experience for our children, and us as staff to see them using their essential skills in practice. Our children have been inspired…and made aware of all the different job opportunities here. Thank you!

Deputy Head Teacher, Cherry Orchard Primary School