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Did you know that children as young as age 5 develop ideas of what they can and can’t be when they grow up based on their gender? Help children's aspirations lift off with this 35-minute interactive video for KS2 with accompanying teacher guide with optional learning activities and cross-curricular extensions. 

Children get a peek into some familiar and unfamiliar jobs with a guessing game or two to turn gender stereotypes on their head.  Following our popular What’s My Line job-guessing game format, children meet: 

  • Jaki the female arborist/tree surgeon operating heavy machinery at height.  
  • Sam the male early years educator in an outdoor forest school nursery  
  • Shruthi the female subsea engineer using software to keep rigs safe.  
  • Mike the male mental health nurse using talking therapies to help people. 

Volunteers reveal what it is like working in an industry dominated by the opposite gender as well as the skills that make them good at their jobs – skills that may also turn gender stereotypes on their head, such as risk-taking, caring, patience, listening, problem-solving, computing and playfulness.   They leave children with the message that they should not feel limited by their gender when imagining a world of possibilities for their future. 

In optional extension learning activities, children can explore the core subjects and skills that cut across all jobs and consider their own preferences, design a campaign to encourage more boys and girls into industries and take a plenary quiz and reflective writing frame to consolidate learning.   

This resource contains:

  • 35-minute video with optional pause points for glossary, questions and discussion
  • Teacher guide with background, learning activities and cross-curricular extension options related to the volunteers’ jobs.
  • PPT quiz slides for plenary
  • Printable pupil worksheets for plenary, reflection and exploring their own skills and interests.

This resource has been developed by Primary Futures and can be accessed for free by teachers in state schools by signing up or logging into a Primary Futures account and requesting instant access to the pre-recorded resources by short form on the homepage of the portal. 

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