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The Skills Builder Hub - provides a suite of tools for educators to build essential skills in the classroom, including learning activities, classroom resources and assessment tools.  We partner with employers across all industries and sectors to engage effectively with children and young people through trips and workshops. We collaborate with youth organisations to drive collective impact through the Skills Builder Universal Framework, supporting assessment and impact. 


The Skills Builder Universal Framework - is the world’s leading tool for measuring and building essential skills. It breaks the 8 essential skills down into a sequence of steps, starting with absolute beginner through to mastery.


Skill Icon posters - These posters include an essential skill icon for each of the eight essential skills. Print out and display in classrooms, or in shared work spaces, to create a consistent language for learners and educators to reference. 


Essential Skills Passport - Support learners to record when they have demonstrated their essential skills by printing this Essential Skills Passport. Alternatively, you can use this resource interactively and save to your own desktop. 


Career Cards - We have two sets of career cards designed to help learners identify and talk about the essential skills needed in a variety of different jobs. They can be used to spark group discussion, inspire a careers project, create a small group game, or be used as display material.

  • Career Cards (4-10) support younger learners and learners with additional needs to explore the essential skills that are needed for different careers. 
  • Career Cards (11+) support learners to explore the essential skills needed for different careers. The cards are grouped under subject headings making it easy to draw connections between careers and certain subject specialisms.