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Get a taster of the pre-recorded resources on the Primary Futures portal that can be slotted into your timetable with minimal planning and still give children a chance to meet fascinating volunteers from the world of work. 

In this 30-min interactive video, children meet Fran, BBC TV Sports Producer who describes her job as telling stories through pictures, and Sanjeev, Sales Director at Vodafone working with SIM card technology for driverless cars, drones and other future-focused tech.  

Suitable for home and school learning, children can take part in optional plenary and follow-up activities. 

This resource has been developed by Primary Futures and can be accessed for free here.

Unlike our fully packaged pre-recorded resources on Primary Futures, no registration or login is required for this taster resource.  To access more pre-recorded resources including NHS Everyday Heroes, Tackling Gender Stereotypes and more, teachers in state schools can sign up or log into a Primary Futures account and requesting instant access to the pre-recorded resources by short form on the homepage of the portal. 

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