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The aim of the projects was to support teachers in primary and secondary schools to develop curriculum projects that integrate Allied Health Profession (AHP) careers learning into the curriculum.  Subject curriculum requirements were used as the driver, and AHPs as the underpinning context.  Teachers and AHPs co-created curriculum content to enable children to connect what they are studying in the classroom to the world of work.

This funded project was produced working in collaboration with Academies Enterprise Trust and Talent Forum

In order to bring the learning to life, a six step approach was used.  The online toolkit that details the approach is free, and can be accessed by teachers and employers here.

The project has produced exemplar case studies that every school in the country can use, which can be found on the Forum Talent Potential website.  These case studies show the innovative, exciting and engaging ways in which Allied Health Careers can be integrated into the delivery of curriculum objectives.