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Engineering Fairy Tales are a range of STEM stories and challenges to help children understand about the world of engineering and develop their teamwork and creative problem-solving skills. These resources, stories and videos were developed by the education experts at STEMFirst, and are read by STEM Ambassadors from BAE Systems, the British Army and RAF.

Simply select your favourite fairy tale, watch the video and then complete the fun activity afterwards at home or in the classroom! 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths is essential to society and everywhere around us; from the clothes we wear, how we travel, how our food is produced and how we have fun. 

There is however a shortage of young people who understand the importance of STEM and we need to encourage children from a young age to question, explore, build and creatively explore the world around them. We hope Engineering Fairy tales will start you and your children on a journey to understand the amazing world of Science , Technology and Engineering.