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Careers Cards

Cards are available to purchase or download from CIEC’s website.

Groups of children attempt to match up sets of cards for 4 individuals which show

● Job title
● What do you do in your job?
● What are your hobbies?
● What do you need to be good at for your job?
● What did you enjoy at school?
● An image of a STEM professional

Afterwards there is a ‘big reveal’ where the PowerPoint presentation is used to see how many of the cards
children were able to correctly match. The PowerPoint also has information about the qualifications
needed for each role and the route into STEM taken by each person.

This activity highlights the wide range of people and backgrounds who become STEM professionals and
helps to counteract stereotypes. It aims to help children to understand that ‘people like me’ can become
STEM professionals and raises children’s science capital.