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In this 20-minute interactive video with accompanying teacher guide and learning activities aimed at children aged 5-8, children consider what a florist or a builder might look like before meeting Jonathan the celebrity florist and Kimberley in construction.  Jonathan tells us how his love for nature led to his job while demonstrating a simple flower arrangement and Kimberley takes us on a mini tour of her female teammates onsite, including a highway engineer and dumper roller driver.  Both volunteers tell us about the skills and subjects needed for the world of work. They leave children with the message that they should not feel limited by their gender when imagining a world of possibilities for their future. 

This resource contains:

  • 20-minute video with optional pause points for questions and discussion
  • Teacher guide with background on gendered aspirations, optional learning activities and cross-curricular extension ideas
  • Printable worksheets of pupil learning activities plus answer sheets.
  • PPT slides of learning activities for display

This resource has been developed by Primary Futures and can be accessed for free by teachers in state schools by signing up or logging into a Primary Futures account and requesting instant access to the pre-recorded resources by short form on the homepage of the portal. 

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